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Whether you just
 love the magical energy of play, want to connect with your woo-woo tribe, just need a break from the world around you, or find your way back to your playful Self... the Super Secret Virtual Summer Camp is a place to let down your hair and have a good time with great people.

Every Monday and Thursday in July 2023 we'll be hopping on zoom together to play and make friends. Don't worry, we're not busting out Monopoly... instead Nicole and Penny will be sharing their latest creative innovations in making connections, rediscovering your amazingness and having fun.

You'll love this camp if, like us...

  • you've been looking for a place to connect with other people, without name tags or one-sentence bios,

  • you love letting loose and getting a little bit silly, laughing until your belly hurts without feeling shame,

  •  you love playing games, whether it's to learn or just for the fun of it,

  • you're tired of being serious, worrying about work all the time, and you're ready to give your brain a break so that things can just unfold,

  • you are ridiculously smart and wildly hilarious, while possibly a little bit shy.

  • you can't explain it, but you feel called to join in.


But specifically for this, it's going to be every:
Monday  at 10am PST/1 pm ET/19:00 CET,  and
Thursday at 8amPST/11 pm ET/17:00 CET,
starting July 3rd until July 28th.


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Penny Phoenix, the Word Wizard, turns language into games and invites us to take our self-expression to a whole new and playful level. She loves working with people who don't fit the "norm", considers herself "weird", and can't wait to engage in hilarious conversations.

Nicole Wittauer, the Play Wizard, is "the quiet one", until she starts engaging with the power of play! She lights up by dancing with the energy in the room, and her games are know to make magic happen.

So will you come to summer camp with us?
42$ (That's just over 5$ per session) is all it costs to join.
Starts Monday, the 3rd of July.

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