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A Quest to recover the magical child!


Join a mage's mystical journey to uncover the knowledge and wisdom of the inner child.
Explore the mage's map of the kingdom, to complete it with all your hidden treasures, just waiting to be found.

Become the master of potions, rituals and methodologies, to help you channel the hero within.
Reconnect to the power of play to fully engage in the game life, way beyond the gates of the Kingdom.

Open the gateway to gain access to the energy of growth, healing and feeling truly safe within.


Project H box 1.jpg

Box set includes Map of the Kingdom & Mage's Book of Exploration, Notebook, Colouring Pencils and a Potion Mixing Wheel.


This is no ordinary journey...

We take you on an adventure of reconnection through the physical senses to a mystical World. Your body is your tool, so we invite you to use it. Write, draw, move, chant, play as if no one was watching! Feel the energy of the Universe find its way through your senses to deliver the messages that lie deep within.

Ensure your copy of the very first, and Limited Edition of the Quest!
69.- CHF/ 72.- € / 79.- US$

Green Hills

Who is this for?


  • People who don't want to follow other people's paths or formulas, and know that the power lies in creating their own.

  • People who want to distance themselves from online devices and other addictive behaviours that keep them out of alignment.

  • People who know there is more to who they are than what they have access to right now, and wish to discover more of who they are.

  • People who are attracted to the journey of self-discovery, but don't feel attracted to the traditional methods of meditation or medicine.

  • People who believe that the magical, mystical world is just at their fingertips, waiting to be discovered.

  • People who aren't afraid to try something new.

  • People who love to play.

Only 100 copies printed. Save your's now.
69.- CHF/ 72.- € / 79.- US$

What's included?


  • A beautiful box to collect your most valuable ingredients in.

  • An 88-page, hard-cover Mage's book, printed on thick, quality paper for easy drawing, colouring and writing.

  • A 120-page quality Book of Tales notebook, for easy journaling and writing keeping note of your own recipes.

  • A large map of the kingdom, to complete with your findings.

  • 8 colouring pencils.

  • A spinning top.

A one-year free membership to the Project H Community, with access to an array of Mage's Clues and monthly online gatherings.

Green Light Ray

Why pre-order and how does it work?


  • It ensures you get one of the 100 limited copies of this special 1st Edition of the Quest.

  • You become one of the founding members of the Project H Community, and will be one of the first to discover this new and creative approach to self-exploration.

  • Order your copy today and you will receive it during the month of March 2024.

  • If for any reason the printing of the Quest should encounter difficulties and not come through, you will receive a full refund of your payment.

  • After you pay, you will receive a payment confirmation. Regular emails will be sent to you to keep you up to date on the status of your order.

  • Shipping costs will be billed depending on your location, once the quest is ready to ship. Standard postal fees will be applied. We will not take any margins on shipping.

Become one of the first to discover the Quest!
69.- CHF / 72.- € / 79.- US$

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