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Morning Mist over Forest
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All is as it's meant to be. Nothing is as it seems.


Embark on an imaginary journey through realms beyond our physical existence, with the power to expand your consciousness and understanding of who you are.

Let your creative mind surrender to play as the long lost notes of Gisellius, a Celtic Mage, take us to a space where the game of life was created, rules were explored and soul contracts were made.

The first ever SOUL CONTRACT'S PLAYBOOK online event, unique in its genre, will take you to the beginning of all beginnings where Gisellius discovers his soul's creation of his life experience. Follow the voice that led him to the place of higher understanding. Discover what drove him to become a Mage and dedicate his life's work to finding the Gates of Lilamythia, a place of expansion beyond the limitations of the mind.

the soul contract'splaybook

Online Course

Gisellius the mage as character V2.jpg

Let Gisellius' stories and dreams transport you to an imaginary place, while accessing a meditative state of clarity and well-being.

Surrender to the playful energies of the imagination unveiling the simplicity that lurks behind the complex concepts of life on Earth.

Discover Universal concepts from a whole new perspective, with maps to guide the way.

Find the breadcrumbs your soul's playmates have left behind to keep you on your life's path as intended.



Encounter with the wisdom of the Self


Overall theme and the 3 acts in motion


Purpose, rules and journeys


Trade-offs, gifts and people who have vowed to play along


Recognising and embracing what is truly useful


Tuning in to infinite possibilities


Discovering the Gates of Lilamythia

Cabin in the Woods


At 14, Gisellius falls gravely ill, overtaken by a fever lasting 7 days and 7 nights. During this time he experiences visions and voices, taking him to other realms where profound messages are transmitted to him. He creates drawings and notes of what he calls the Soul Contract's Playbook. Filled with insights and riddled with questions, this experience will drive him to become a Mage in search of the Gates of Lilamythia and the ultimate life experience in alignment with his Higher Self.

After years of fine-tuning rituals and potions to connect to the realms he saw in his dreams years ago, Gisellius, now an old man, seeks plants in an unknown part of the forest. Here, he encounters a magical child. Curious, he follows it deep into the forest and is led to The Kingdom of the 7 Towers. Throughout his adventure, Gisellius will come closer and closer to understanding the power this magical child holds within, and how its innocence, curiosity, courage and wisdom all play a role in opening the first Gate of Lilamythia, and finding an important key to alignment.

A few months before his passing, Gisellius hides a box filled with information, techniques and all of his findings so that one day, through the vessel of another, his work may continue and the remaining Gates of Lilamythia are opened. It is only then that his soul's purpose will be achieved.


An Experiential Retreat

In search of the magical child!


Join Gisellius on his mystical journey to uncover the wisdom of the inner child and reconnect to the power of your own.
Explore the map of the kingdom and complete it with all your hidden treasures, just waiting to be found.

Become the Master Creator of potions, rituals and methodologies, to help you channel the hero within.
Reconnect to the Power of Play to fully engage in the game life, way beyond the gates of the Kingdom.

Open the Gateway to gain access to the energy of growth, healing and feeling truly safe within.


Project H box 1.jpg

Join the retreat and receive the Map of the Kingdom, the Mage's Book of Exploration, Notebook, Colouring Pencils and a Potion Mixing Wheel before it appears on Kickstarter.


This is no ordinary journey...

We take you on an adventure of reconnection through the physical senses to a mystical World. Your body is your tool, so we invite you to use it. Write, draw, move, chant, play as if no one was watching! Feel the energy of the Universe find its way through your senses to deliver the messages that lie deep within.

Become an intricate part of this innovative journey.

Green Hills

Who is this for?


  • Healers who want to take some time for their own deep healing, while discovering a new approach to inner child work.

  • Lightworkers who've explored many different healing approaches, but feel limited by their current tools.

  • Guides who feel that the next level of healing they can offer lies in the exploration of their own capacity to change their model of the World.

  • Highly aware individuals who want to distance themselves from online devices and other addictive behaviours that are keeping them out of alignment.

  • Teachers who know there is more to who they are than what they have access to right now, and wish to uncover the hidden treasures that lie within.

  • People who are on the journey of self-discovery, but don't find what they need in traditional methods like meditation or plant medicine.

  • Individuals who are already accessing the magical, mystical energies of the Universe and want to delve deeper to activate their powers and play.

  • People who are keen on reactivating all of the qualities of the inner child and love for play.

Only 12 spaces available per retreat!

What's included?


  • All-inclusive food and lodging.

  • 3 full days of exploration guided by Nicole Wittauer.

  • A beautiful box to collect your most valuable ingredients in.

  • An 88-page, hard-cover Mage's book, printed on thick, quality paper for easy drawing, colouring and writing.

  • A 120-page quality Book of Tales notebook, for easy journaling and writing keeping note of your own recipes.

  • A large map of the kingdom, to complete with your findings.

  • 8 colouring pencils.

  • The Mage's Wheel of Rituals.

  • A beautiful, metal spinning coin.

A one-year free membership to the Gates of Lilamythia Healing Community, with access to an array of Mage's Clues and monthly online gatherings.

Green Light Ray



  • This is the most exciting part of the creative journey! By your participation, you will become one of the founding members of the Lilamythia Healing Community, and will be one of the first to discover this new and creative approach to self-exploration.

  • If you discover that this tool not only does wonders for you, but you'd like to integrate it into your own healing packages, your suggestions could still be taken into account to alter the game.

  • An affiliate program will be put in place and you'll get the best offers.

  • After this series of retreats, I will return to Switzerland to start working on the second quest, and we're not sure when I will organise the next retreats.

  • You will have a chance to experience the game before it gets put on kickstarter.


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