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When you play with the Universe, it plays right back.


It's hard to describe what the Unity Bubble is without going into the depth of its creation and creators, for the risk of losing the reader in the process. In brief, it's an energetic system of spiritual technology, that protects you from negative energies and helps you clear dysfunctional patterns. For me, it's a space which allows us to truly play with the Universe.


This system was developed by the late Jonathan Davies, and his work continues to be transmitted through his wife, Hazel, and a group of Unity Bubble Facilitators of which I have the honour to be part of. Receiving the Unity Bubble is the easy part, as it is made accessible by means of an energetic transmission, and stays with you for the rest of your life. The less obvious part is learning how to use your Bubble, and giving it all that no longer serves you, but that's what I'm here for.

If you're interested in learning more about the Unity Bubble and how it can help you move into a more aligned state of being and living, book a discovery call with me.

"The Bubble (Unity Living) Process with Nicole was unbelievable on so many levels, that it is really difficult to put into words, what the whole experience did for me. My life has changed and as a result I feel more aligned, uplifted and connected with myself. There were also many shifts in reality, but this is a story for another time :)

Nicole is an amazing, caring and very present facilitator, so I feel that her energy and love really have helped me to integrate and truly understand the experience. The program itself is very interesting, I did a lot of energy work itself, but the Bubble is very unique and each session unfolded and deepened the experience from the previous one. The whole process was a masterpiece and I am truly grateful to Nicole for doing this for me."

- Paulina Kulikowska - Energy Healer, Shaman, Astrologist and Psychic (

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Starry Sky


This process is for those wanting to take their work with the Unity Bubble to the next level. YAY! It's a 4-month adventure, where you will clearly be presented with the limiting patterns that are keeping you out of alignment in a shockingly obvious way, so that you can address and dissolve the underlying issue at work. This is where the Universe truly shows its playful nature, and you get to be an active player!

The journey consists of 7 protocol transmissions and weekly calls to sort through and support you every step of the way. Just because it's playful, doesn't mean it's easy, but it makes it all the more gratifying in the end.

The 7 protocols are: Flow, Breaking Bonds, The Sacred Garden, The Open Heart, Anti-Angst, In Service and Effortless Living. Each one focuses on a specific limitation that we, as humans, have infused ourselves with to such depths that we cannot see it for what it is anymore.

During the process, you will learn how to recognise the messages brought to you by the Universe, and what to do with them. I'll make sure you get all the tools you need, and create ways to make them your own, so that future challenges will easily be recognisable for what they are and you can deal with them effortlessly.

If this deep healing process resonates with you, book a call so that I can answer any remaining questions you may have.

"It was like having all the experiences in my life laid out like cards on a table, and I was able to pick one up, look at it, and see how that piece affected other pieces."


The impact that I have felt has been permission to not try to be the smartest one in the room or feel the pressure to reach my potential; the acceptance that where I am now is enough... It removes that anxiety that I am not enough and always have to do more. It allowed me to really just rest, and that rest gives me more space to hold other people's anxiety and help other people to find that space of rest, confidence and comfort of being in themselves."

"The inevitable minutia of life no longer get calculated into how worthy of a person I am, or how deserving of a human I am. "

- Penny Phoenix - Empathetic Word Wizard | Phoenix Alliance CEO | Speaker | Neurodivergent Nerd | Anti-Capitalist Entrepreneur | Anti-racist human | Mistake Maker | 🏳️‍🌈

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To make the work with the Unity Bubble and Unity Living Process easier and more tangible for both the Facilitators and the Clients, a project was put together between Hazel Davies and myself to create a Handbook for this amazing adventure.

The Handbook is a collection of short explanations, colouring meditations, affirmations, and illustrated references, all meant to help the client have the most powerful process possible. A space for journaling and keeping track of visions during the transmissions completes this book, so that the client can come back and revisit all the insights and tools they will have discovered during the process, at any time in the future.

Our suggestion is that this book is ordered by authorised Level 2 and Master Facilitators, to be offered and sent to their clients as part of the Unity Living Process Package. 

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