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to find your Self, heal wounds, and grow wings!

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Play is the tool nature gave us to explore our inner and outer world. It accelerates learning exponentially... and yet, we consider it childish, and often dismiss it from our adult lives.

So what happens when you accept play and embrace it fully into your daily life?


Well, for a start, play brings you back to the present moment, getting rid of the overwhelm and brain fog that can make you feel stuck. It also gives you permission to explore without expectations in a space where new ideas and creative thinking can unfold.

You start tuning in to the vibration of joy, on a regular basis, connecting to your inner child and finding a deep sense of knowing your Self and others. Things you might have been judging up until now, which have been getting in your way of being who you want to be, start to appear in a new light, helping you see rather than blocking your path.

It's a profound experience of rediscovery, and the beauty about play is that it is an innate part of you and how the Universe works.  You don't need to learn a new tool that will get your brain racing even more, you simply reconnect to something you already mastered a long time ago, intuitively, experientially.

This brings an amazing sense of peace, resilience and acceptance of the way things unfold and allows you to surrender to the journey of life, rather than succumb under the pressure of chasing goals. Ironically, it's in those moments that your path becomes clear, your gifts become visible and your voice finds the vibration to express itself.



Barbara Lax

She helps structure thoughts and ideas, and identify priorities and waste, even in the most confusing moments of life.

Barbara Lax
Award-winning Entrepreneur

Morgan Matthews

An excellent practitioner of the solution approach. Extremely effective, practical and enjoyable.

Morgan Matthews
Consultant & Coach

Maria Svensson

Great listener, easy to connect with. Nicole has a profound interest for people and how to make life simple and fun.

Maria Pulido-Svensson
Business Strategist

"If you and another person had exactly the same values, one of you would not be necessary!"

John Demartini

Paddy Ney

From the minute Nicole hosted her first discovery call with us, we felt that she truly understood our needs. She has a box of cheeky tricks and a wealth of experience to call upon.

Paddy Ney
TV Host

Tanya Strevens

Nicole brings a refreshing sense of fun and of humor to her activities, which energizes the group,
awakens imaginations and gets the conversations flowing!

Tanya Strevens
Sustainability Expert

Sam Cook

If it were not for Nicole's coaching, I would not have asked the hard questions I needed to transform what was essentially a broken business model.

Sam Cook
Serial Entrepreneur

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How coaching, art, writing and play came together to create a powerful gateway to the Self.

Nicole Wittauer creating playful spaces to explore the Self.

My professional life has taken me on many adventures, mainly because I didn't really know what I wanted to pursue. Exploring things was more important to me than achieving things, and I must admit that they still are. I used to judge myself for this, thinking that I was indecisive, impatient, incapable of committing to something long enough to really become a master at it.


Now I know this is one of my strengths.

Every project, every job, every attempt to start a business (and there have been many), and every soul-searching retreat has contributed to the construction of who I am and what I do today, in a positive and meaningful way. Even if, at the time, I felt lost and like I was wasting my time, something was brewing deep within which has brought me to a place where I now know I was always supposed to be.

While self-expression through art, and other manual means of creativity, has always played a great role in my life, I never took my art seriously. I would have liked to, but having failed the entry exams to the "Ecole des Beaux Arts" in Geneva when I was fresh out of school, I didn't think I was good enough to make a living out of it. It would take me 30 years to understand why this was not meant to be my journey.

Art was to play a different role for me, and it was only when I started my journey into the coaching world that I understood what that role was. 

Coaching opened me up to the power of questions. Rather than obsessing over finding answers, I became fascinated with the impact a question of great quality could have on the thinking process. For a number of years I explored this with individuals and teams, guiding them through journeys that would bring them clarity and get them to connect more deeply with themselves and each other. 

I truly loved this process, but I knew there was a lot more going on in what felt like a sacred space, which I was creating together with my clients. I started integrating playfulness, even games, which not only shifted the energy in the room, it provoked growth and learning at a much faster rate. The space became a tool as well, as we moved within it to shift perspectives, letting our body intuitively show the way.

But for my own clarity, I needed something more. I needed a visual representation of what was going on in my busy mind. I needed structure, space and simplicity. I needed something to quiet the mind and slow down my thoughts long enough for me to understand them, so I started to draw. 


 For many years I used drawings to find stillness and clarity. That in itself was a blessing. With time, though, I have come to understand that my hand is connected to my subconscious brain, and that it can access deep inner knowledge that has long been forgotten due to the conditioning we go through as we try to adapt to life as we know it.

My work is all about the integration of powerful questions, playfulness and the connection to the subconscious mind, in order to help people focus and access the inner knowledge that is waiting to guide them and make them feel connected to who they truly are.

Whether it is to find answers, solutions, clarity, connection, make decisions or simply feel more aligned with who we are, the power of play, imagination and drawing the maps of the magical place that is our subconscious mind is like going on a treasure hunt, with pots of gold hiding in little spaces all along the way.

Nicole Wittauer


Thanks for your message. I shall contact you shortly!

Home: Testimonials


“Nicole helped [our employees] discover the amazing resources

that were hidden right under their nose – resources

they need to move forward. [They] even asked for more

personalized training and coaching with her.”

“Dynamic and excellent coaching skills!”

Helene Romy

Head of Human Resources


“Excellent content and excellent delivery.”

“We want more sessions like these.”

“I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the

enthusiasm of the speaker.”

"It was really interesting, [Nicole] was really good at

getting interest and participation of the group.”

“A big ‘thank you’ for organizing this for us and

choosing such an interesting speaker.”

“Workshops were pleasant and I always enjoyed stepping back and reflecting.

Nicole managed to keep it lively, which is not always easy

with a large audience.”

“Very good concept and facilitator, interesting topic.

Loved taking the time to do these workshops.

Thank you!”

“Fresh ideas, improved thinking and reasoning skills, new perspectives on old problems - these are just some of the benefits that my colleagues and I have enjoyed from the sessions we have with Nicole.

When Nicole worked with my organization, she helped us to gain insights into the challenges

we were facing and, in other scenarios, has brought a boost of creativity that has helped

colleagues perform better and connect with each other more.

In addition to helping groups tackle complex challenges in the workplace, Nicole can also bring

a refreshing sense of fun and of humor to her activities, which energizes the group,

awakens imaginations and gets the conversations flowing!

I wish we could have Nicole visit our workplace more often –

there would be huge benefits for individuals and for the organization as a whole."

Tanya Strevens

Sustainability Expert

“Highly valuable for our organization. Provoked fast and concrete results.”

“People obtained a better sense of clarity, positivity, a good feeling of control

and increased level of confidence.”

Diego Ruiz

Global Director

“Nicole sait s'adapter aux situations, mettre les personnes

à l'aise et faire des propositions sur mesure,

ce qui est un atout précieux.”

Chrissy Matthey

Daycare Director

FULL QUOTE : « J'ai rencontré Nicole lors d'un coaching avec l'équipe de direction. Elle nous a fait une séance avec la méthode des Legos. J'ai trouvé cela tellement intéressant comme méthode de management qu'elle est venue le faire avec les équipes. Ce fût un grand succès et l'équipe en a gardé un très bon souvenir, même les personnes qui n'aiment pas ce genre d'exercice. Elle a également fait des interventions sur la communication et la gestion du stress. Nicole sait s'adapter aux situations, mettre les personnes à l'aise et faire des propositions sur mesure, ce qui est un atout précieux. »

“By the end I had elaborated my own personal “tool kit”

for a particular work situation – something

I am still using successfully every day!”


Nadine McCormick

Sustainability professional

FULL QUOTE: “In just one session, Nicole was effectively able to walk me through a process where by the end I had elaborated my own personal "tool kit" for a particular work situation - something I am still using successfully every day!”

 “One of the most creative and resourceful thinkers that I know.”

“Skillfully steers her clients toward

finding their own solutions.”

Liz Umlas

University Lecturer

“Very highly developed analytical skills.”

“Fantastic non-judgmental listener.”

”Ask[s] the key questions that are often the key to really understanding

the roadblocks to moving ahead.”

Paul Grigoriev

Programme Coordinator

Nicole’s work [… ] provided me with critical “a-ha” moments and a basket of tools to help me get “unstuck” and realize my goals.”

“Great listener, easy to connect with. Profound interest for people and how to make life simple and fun.”

Maria Pulido - Svensson

Business Strategist

“An excellent practitioner of the solution approach.

Extremely effective, practical and enjoyable.”

Morgan Matthews

Business Consultant & Life Coach​

FULL QUOTE: “Nicole is an excellent practitioner of the solution approach. This is a counter intuitive approach to driving positive change, which requires practical experience and so is not so straightforward a topic to teach or learn as it requires a different mindset. I was privileged to attend a small course run by Nicole where she taught both the theory and this practical model experientially. Given she is also a professional coach her approach was extremely effective, practical and enjoyable. I would recommend Nicole for both this course and her general expertise in this field.”

“She helps structure thoughts and ideas, and identify priorities and waste,

even in the most confusing moments of life.”

Barbara Lax

Founder & CEO

“Nicole is a great coach and I highly recommend her to anyone needing

a little help to unblock situations or dealing with difficult decision-making.

I've come out of Nicole's coaching sessions with a clear mind and set of actions

of how to overcome my obstacles, with the added benefit

of a great sense of relief!”

Claire Warmenbol​

Communications & Knowledge Coordinator

“She manages to make people see that there are ways out of problems

and around difficulties, and […] opens your eyes to different solutions.”

“Very much focused on my needs.”

“Nicole is a very good listener [and] takes the time she needs to make sure

that steps towards progress are made.”

Maria Hasler

Finance Officer

“Her invitations for reflection, positive communication, meaningful dialogues, easy going atmosphere made me unstuck so simply and easily.”

 Linda Hendriksen

Senior Administrative

“I consulted Nicole on a professional situation where I was feeling exasperatingly powerless and frustrated. As I answered Nicole’s questions, it came clear that the response I had tried to use was rather at odds with my natural personality. No wonder I had been blocked for so long! Through an amusing bee-dialogue, we then simulated alternative solutions until I found one that seemed more adequate and that has actually enabled me to open my situation to change."


By asking the right questions, [Nicole has] managed within a few minutes to make me aware of the appropriate answers. Everything fell into place, and when I found the key which allowed me to resolve a situation which seemed complex before, everything became very clear in my mind. A big thank you for having let me discover this powerful yet simple technique! (Translated from French)


“At a time when my to-do list was out of control, my head was a mess, focus gone, and it simply all got too much at work...I was lucky enough to have a coaching session with Nicole which put everything back into perspective. Not just that, with her help I managed to come up with the solutions myself and at the end, walked out of the session with a clear head on the next steps to take.

Feeling reinvigorated I acted upon these, and what had seemed as an insurmountable mountain before, became a manageable hill, one I crossed easily and got me back on track, focused and emotionally-balanced. Thanks again Nicole.”


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